Sponsors of Ada-Europe

The Ada-Europe yearly workplan could not be undertaken if there weren't sponsors that share Ada-Europe's aim to further the development, use and knowledge of Ada and reliable software technologies. The current list of sponsors appears below. We are sincerely grateful to them.

We have a permanent open call for sponsors who share the association's goals and interests. If you are willing to support Ada-Europe's mission (and you can start at a really affordable contribution level) please read the following letter from the President of Ada-Europe.

Call for Sponsors

Dear All,

I am writing to you on behalf of Ada-Europe, the international organization that promotes the use, the maintenance and the evolution of the Ada language and technology.

As part of its charter, Ada-Europe organizes a high-quality yearly International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (http://www.ada-europe.org/confs/ae), produces and distributes the Ada User Journal, a fine quarterly magazine (http://www.ada-europe.org/auj/home), and offers financial grants to initiatives that help further the resonance and relevance of Ada in engineering and scientific domains.

An important proportion of the Ada-Europe grant program supports the language maintenance process and, when the time comes, the production of the language Rationale and the Reference Manual books produced by Springer as part of their famous LNCS series.

The total volume of those financial undertakings is very significant for a not-for-profit organization such as us, which we can only sustain thanks to the generous support by our past, present and future sponsors.

This letter is a permanent open call for sponsors.

On behalf of Ada-Europe I would like you to consider becoming a sponsor. Our sponsorship program offers multiple ways in which you can flexibly design your sponsorship package, dependent on your business, your need for visibility, and your wish to selectively support specific initiatives, across the whole spectrum of Ada-Europe’s activities, from the yearly conference, to the Ada User Journal and our web presence, to the language books and the related language maintenance initiatives.

Visibility at the annual conference is attractive for organizations that want to present product offerings or industrial capacity. Our yearly conference attracts over 100 delegates from Europe, the USA, and occasionally from Australia, South America and Asia, with equally sized presence from industry and academia, and has a contact list of more than 1,500 professionals.

Also the Ada User Journal and the Ada-Europe web site are vehicles for visibility, not only for technology vendors, but also for organizations who want to show their support for Ada. We know the latter are numerous and we would be delighted to see them become active sponsors of Ada-Europe.

I really hope you will consider becoming a sponsor for some of the above initiatives of Ada-Europe. Sponsorship packages can be designed to suit both large and small organizations, and start with as little as 350 EUR.

In case you wanted to know more or have some specific interest – even if only provisional at this time – may I kindly invite you to make contact with the Treasurer of Ada-Europe at treasurer@ada-europe.org.

In response to an expression of interest from you, our Treasurer will contact you by phone and discuss with you your possible sponsorship profile.

I do hope you will find this proposal of some interest and I look forward to including your Company as a valued sponsor of Ada-Europe.

Yours sincerely,

Tullio Vardanega
President, Ada-Europe

Sponsors of Ada-Europe (alphabetical order)

Ada Edge SPRL
27 Rue Rasson
B-1030 Brussels

Ludovic Brenta
E: ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org
46 Rue d'Amsterdam
F-75009 Paris
E: sales@adacore.com
W: www.adacore.com
T: +33 1 49 70 67 16
F: +33 1 49 70 05 52
AdaLabs Ltd
506 Royal Road
La Caverne
Vacoas 73310
Republic of Mauritius
E: david.sauvage@adalabs.com
W: www.adalabs.com
2 Rue Docteur Lombard
92441 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex

Jean-Pierre Rosen
E: info@adalog.fr
W: www.adalog.fr/en/
T: +33 1 45 29 21 52
F: +33 1 45 29 25 00
Deep Blue Capital BV
James Wattstraat 100-3
1097 DM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
E: contact@deepbluecap.com
W: www.deepbluecap.com

T: +31(0)20 205 2 500

Ellidiss Technologies
24 quai de la douane,
29200 Brest,

Pierre Dissaux pierre.dissaux@ellidiss.com
E: info@ellidiss.com
W: www.ellidiss.com
T: +33 298 45 18 70
Rue Marie de Bourgogne 52,
1000 Brussels,

Emma Claus Emma.Claus@eurocity.be
W: www.eurocity.com
KonAd GmbH
Software for Control and Administration
In der Reis 5
D-79232 March-Buchheim

Frank Piron
E: info@konad.de
W: www.konad.de
T: +49 7665 939268
F: +49 7665 939273
PTC Developer Tools
3721 Valley Centre Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92130

Shawn Fanning
E: sfanning@ptc.com
W: www.ptc.com/developer-tools
T: +1 858-947-7151
SysAda Limited
Enterprise House
Baloo Avenue
Bangor BT19 7QT
United Kingdom

Dene Brown
E: enquiries@sysada.co.uk
W: www.sysada.co.uk
T: +44 2891 520560
1115 rue René Descartes
13100 Aix-en-Provence

Patricia Langle
E: contact@systerel.fr
W: www.systerel.fr
T: +33 (0)4 42 90 41 20
Tidorum Ltd.
Tiirasaarentie 32
FI 00200 Helsinki

Niklas Holsti
E: niklas.holsti@tidorum.fi
W: www.tidorum.fi
White Elephant GmbH
Beckengässchen 1
8200 Schaffhausen

Ahlan Marriott
E: admin@white-elephant.ch
W: www.white-elephant.ch
T: +41 52 624 29 39