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Ada-Europe'96 Conference


The tutorial program covers a broad spectrum of topics. The tutorials have been selected to appeal to practitioners, managers, and researchers alike. They are all presented by renowned speakers from academia and industry.

Tutorials at a Glance

June 10 1995
June 14 1995
Duration Full day tutorials Half day tutorials
John Barnes
OOP with Ada 95 and other gOODies

Richard T. Dué
Object Technology Project Management

Joyce Tokar
Real-Time and Distributed Features of Ada 95

Philippe Kruchten
Software Architecture and Iterative Development
Vance Christiansee
Task Schedulability Analysis

S. Tucker Taft
Writing Java(tm)-compatible applets in Ada 95

Ben Brosgol
Information Systems Programming in Ada 95

Michael Gonzalez-Harbour
Real-Time Posix

Short Announcements

OOP with Ada 95 and other gOODies ( full day, Monday )
John Barnes (JB Informatics)
This example-driven tutorial will cover the main features of the core of Ada 95 with strong emphasis on OOP and other interesting areas.

Object Technology Project Management ( full day, Monday )
Richard T. Dué (Thomsen Dué and Associates, Ltd.)
This tutorial presents a overview of proven, practical approaches to the full-time job of managing Object Technology systems development projects.

Real-Time and Distributed Features of Ada 95 ( full day, Monday )
Joyce L. Tokar (Tartan)
This tutorial will present an overview of features and programming techniques for real-time and distributed systems with Ada 95.

Software Architecture and Iterative Development Process ( full day, Friday )
Philippe Kruchten (Rational Software)
This tutorial introduces the concept and a model of software architecture and describes an iterative process to develop and validate the architecture of software-intensive systems.

Task Schedulability Analysis ( half day, Friday morning )
Vance Christiaanse (Lockheed Martin)
This tutorial presents the principles of multi-tasking software design on a monoprocessor. It will cover the major Ada 95 scheduling disciplines and help your tasks meet hard deadline time requirements.

Writing Java(tm)-Compatible Applets in Ada 95 ( half day, Friday morning )
S. Tucker Taft (Intermetrics)
This tutorial/workshop will introduce the attendees to writing Java(tm)-compatible applets in Ada 95.

Information Systems Programming in Ada 95 ( half day, Friday afternoon )
Benjamin M. Brosgol (Thomson Software Products)
This tutorial will cover the information systems-related facilities of Ada 95, such as exact decimal arithmetic a la Cobol, picture-driven edited output, character handling, string processing, and interfacing with other software systems.

Real-Time POSIX ( half day, Friday afternoon )
Michael Gonzalez Harbour (EE & CS Dept, Cantabria University)
This tutorial discusses the main real-time operating system services defined in the POSIX standards and the different options and services suitable for developing real-time applications in Ada.

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