International Conference on

Reliable Software Technologies

Ada-Europe '97

Technical programme





Keynote Presentation

Tucker Taft (Intermetrics, USA)

Keynote Presentation

Robert Dewar (New York University and Ada Core Technologies, USA)

Keynote Presentation

Vic Stenning (Anshar, UK)




Language Issues (1)

Finite unions for Ada 95
B.Holzmueller, E.Ploedereder (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Ada bindings for C interfaces: Lessons learned from the Florist Implementation
T.Baker, D.I.Oh (Florida State University, USA)


ASIS, To understand software complexity
C.Colket (Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command, USA)


Developing scripting capabilities for an Ada-based simulator
S.S.Jovanovic, D.S.Sotirovski, P.Van Aswegen (Hughes Aircraft, Canada)

Systematic unit-testing of Ada programs
J.Wegener (Daimler Benz, Germany)

Vendor presentation:

AdaTEST 95 - a solution to testing Ada 95
Ian Gilchrist (IPL, UK)


Implementing application-level sporadic server schedulers in Ada 95
M.Gonzalez Harbour, J.J.Gutierrez Garcia, J.C.Palencia Gutierrez (University of Cantabria, Spain)

Capturing and verifying performance requirements for hard real-time systems
R.H.Pierce (York Software Engineering, UK)

Vendor presentation:

To be announced


The dangers of inheritance
J.English (University of Brighton, UK)


An Ada 95 sort race construction set
M.B.Feldman (George Washington University, USA)

Vendor presentation:

To be announced

Reliable Software (all day)

T-Smart - Task-safe minimal Ada real-time toolset
B.Dobbing, M. Richard-Foy (Aonix, UK/France)

On programming atomic actions in Ada 95
A. Romanovsky (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK), S.E.Mitchell, A.J.Wellings (University of York, UK)

Vendor presentation:

Ian Gavin (Rational, UK)




Education and Training

Computer aided teaching of programming languages - an Ada-specific development
J.Cooling (Feabhas Ltd, UK), N.Duff, J.E.Cooling (University of Loughborough, UK)

The SPIF project
B.Dupouy, O.Hainque, L.Pautet, S.Tardieu (ENST, France)

Design Formalisms

Ada 95 as a base to architect systems in O4S: Objects for Systems
I.Ogren (Romet AB, Sweden)

Including non-functional issues in Anna/Ada programs for automatic implementation selection
X.Franch (University of Catalonia, Spain)

Vendor presentation:

To be announced

Language Issues (2)

Task termination in Ada 95
A.J.Wellings, A.Burns (University of York, UK), O.Pazy (Israel)

Parameter Induced Aliasing and related problems can be avoided
W.Gellerich, E.Ploedereder (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Vendor presentation:

To be announced


CCO - MARS'96 - Integrating HOOD, Ada and XInAda in a full Ada operational software project
P.Pichon (CISI, France)

Code-data consistency in Ada
V.M.Celier (Hughes Aircraft, Canada)

Vendor presentation:

ObjectAda 7.1 for Windows, Unix, Java, and Real-Time
Dave Wood (Aonix, USA)

Reliable Software (cont.)

Static analysis and diversity in the software development process - experiences with the use of SPARK
J.P.Thornley (British Aerospace Defence Ltd, UK)

Techniques for Testing Ada 95
S.R.Waterman (IPL, UK)

Vendor presentation:

To be announced




Panel Session:

Educating for Industry


Semantics-based support tools for high integrity Ada software
W.L.Yeung (Lingnan College, Hong Kong)

An alternative toolset for analysis of Ada programs
A.E.Bell (Hughes Aircraft, Canada)

Panel Session:

Managing Evolutionary Development

Distributed Systems

Supporting Ada 95 passive partitions in a distributed environment
F.Mueller (Humboldt University, Germany)

An Ada Library to program fault-tolerant distributed applications
F.Guerra, J.Miranda (University of Las Palmas, Spain), A.Alvarez, S.Arevalo (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)

Vendor presentation:

GLADE (GNAT Library for Ada Distributed Execution) Franco Gasperoni (Ada Core Technologies, France)

Reliable Software (cont.)

An overview of SPARK 95
D.Clutterbuck, M.Jackson (Praxis, UK)

Discussion and conference conclusion

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