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Conference inc. breaks/lunch Early booking before 2 MayStandard booking fee Tutorials inc. breaks/lunchEarly booking before 2 May Standard booking fee
¨ Full Conference (£348.94) £410(£425.53) £500 ¨ Gerhardt/Locke (£212.77) £250(£255.32) £300
¨ Academia (3 days) (£255.32) £300(£425.53) £500 ¨ Feldman (£212.77) £250(£255.32) £300
¨ Any one day (£212.77) £250(£212.77) £250 ¨ Taft (½ day) (£106.38) £125(£127.66) £150
Specify day/s¨ Tues ¨ Wed ¨ Thurs ¨ Kermarrec et al (½day) (£106.38) £125(£127.66) £150
¨ Conference dinner (£22.98) £27(£25.53) £30 ¨ Strohmeier/Wolf (£212.77) £250(£255.32) £300
Number of attendees x £27 x £30¨ Kempe (£212.77) £250(£255.32) £300
¨ Extra Proceedings £40£40¨ Colbert (£212.77) £250(£255.32) £300
¨ Patterns WG If not already £42 ¨ Barnes/Carré (£232.77) £270(£275.32) £320
Fee/s to pay££ Tutorial fee/s to pay£ £
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¨ Tour of Tower Bridge (included in Conference fee) ¨ "The Maiden and the Mandate" (included in Conference fee).


¨ Cheque, made payable to Ada Language UK Ltd in UK pounds sterling, drawn on a UK bank, attached.

¨ Bank transfer. Bank: Lloyds Address: 2 Pavement, York, YO1 2NE. Bank sort code: 30-99-99

Account name: Ada Language UK Ltd. Account number 0266337.

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E-Mailed applications cannot be accepted.