International Conference on

Reliable Software Technologies

Ada-Europe '97


Ada-Europe'97 is organised, on behalf of Ada-Europe, by Ada UK in co-operation with ACM SIGAda.

For more information, please contact:

The Ada-Europe Conference Administrator: Helen Byard,
c/o Ada UK, PO Box 322, York YO1 3GY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1904 412740 Fax: +44 1904 426702 Email:

or the Conference Chairman: Bill Taylor, Email:

To register your email address on our mailing list to receive further information, send mail to

Conference Office and Registration Desk

The Conference desk will be staffed to deal to enquiries during every break throughout the week.

It will be open for registrations at the following times:

Sunday 1 June 16.00 - 18.00
Monday 2 June 08.30 - 10.00; 12.00 - 14.00; 16.00 - 18.00
Tuesday 3 June - Thursday 5 June08.30 - 10.00; 16.00 - 18.00
Friday 6 June08.30 - 10.00

Conference Committee

Bill Taylor (Transition Technology Ltd.) Conference Chair
Jim Briggs (University of Portsmouth) Co-Programme Chair
Keith Hardy (Ultra Electronics Ltd. Command & Control Systems) Co-Programme Chair
Brian Tooby (High Integrity Systems) Tutorial Chair
Michael Pickett (BAe Sema Ltd) Treasurer
John Barnes (JBI) President, Ada-Europe
Alfred Strohmeier (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Ada-Europe Liaison
Helen Byard (Ada UK) Administrator

Programme Committee

Angel Alvarez (Technical University of Madrid)
Lars Asplund (Uppsala University)
Stephane Barbey (Swiss Fed Inst of Technology, Lausanne)
John Barnes (JBI)
Jim Briggs (co-chair) (University of Portsmouth)
Alan Burns (University of York)
Dirk Craeynest (OFFIS NV/SA)
Robert A Duff (Oak Tree Software, Inc.)
Mark Gerhardt (Lockheed Martin Western Development Laboratories)
Michael Gonzalez Harbour (Universidad de Cantabria)
Keith Hardy (co-chair) (Ultra Electronics Ltd Command & Control Systems)
Mike Kamrad (Computing Devices International)
Yvon Kermarrec (ENST de Bretagne)
Philippe Kruchten (Rational Software)
James W Moore (MITRE Corporation)
Laurent Pautet (ENST Paris University)
Michael Pickett (BAeSEMA Ltd)
J-P Rosen (Adalog)
Edmond Schonberg (New York University and Ada Core Technologies)
Alfred Strohmeier (Swiss Fed Inst of Technology, Lausanne)
Jan van Katwijk (TU Delft)
Stef Van Vlierberghe (OFFIS NV/SA)
Andy Wellings (University of York)

Organised by Ada UK on behalf of Ada-Europe, in co-operation with ACM SIGAda.

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