International Conference on

Reliable Software Technologies

Ada-Europe '97

Joint events


Monday 2 June

Attendance is by invitation only.

Ada-Europe General Assembly

1730, Tuesday 3 June.

Patterns Working Group

1400, Thursday 5 June

The SIGAda Patterns Working Group is developing a style guide for using Ada features and a web-based catalogue of design and coding patterns. This meeting will discuss what makes a pattern good, what is a good representation for patterns, and how to classify patterns, as well as any suggested patterns or usage guidelines.

If you would like to present a position, a pattern, or a guideline, please contact Ed Colbert so that he can make up a preliminary schedule, and bring one electronic copy and 20 hard-copies of your presentation. The meeting is open to all. The charge, which includes lunch and refreshments, is only payable if not already registered for the Conference on Thursday. The meeting will start at 14.00, following lunch.

Organised by Ada UK on behalf of Ada-Europe, in co-operation with ACM SIGAda.

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