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Ada-Europe'96 Conference


The conference will be accompanied by a three-day commercial exhibition on June 11, 12 and 13. Vendors of software products and services should contact the Exhibition Organizer at the earliest convenience for further information and to ensure their inclusion.

Schedule of Vendor Presentations

Leading Solutions for Ada 83 and Ada 95
Etienne Morel, Rational Software Corporation ( Tuesday )

Ada 83 and Ada 95 Strategy
Nicolas Hadjiakis, Thomson Software Products ( Wednesday )

Orbix and Ada
David Clark,IONA ( Thursday )


  • Thomson Software Products
    Exhibited Item: Ada 95 / 83

  • object oriented
  • safety critical
  • embedded real-time
  • GSE Gesellschaft für Software-Engineering mbH, Tartan & OCS
    GSE Gesellschaft fuer Software Engineering was founded in 1978. Since then GSE has become one of the leading software companies for realtime applications. GSE offers a complete solution throughout the project lifecycle, from the planning phase through to implementation and maintenance.

    We have also been involved in the sales of software products since our inception. In the past these have been centred around the Ada programming language as many of our projects involved defence applications.

    We continue our involvement in Ada with our distributorship of the Tartan product line and the recently arranged distributorship for OC Systems:

  • OC Systems flagship PowerAda generates code for PowerPC 601, 603, 604, RS/6000 and IBM SP2. Included with PowerAda are a multi language debugger, a CORBA-compliant IDL compiler and various other useful tools. With LynxOS support, PowerAda offers embedded realtime-software capability. PowerAda is the first and only validated Ada95-compiler for PowerPC with absolutely the best code quality for Ada on PowerPC Architectures.

    Hello Universities: To You PowerAda will come at no cost!

  • Tartan offers highly sophisticated Ada development systems for embedded and realtime applications with unique strength in optimization techniques. Tartan Ada runtimes are very small and very fast. They can be stripped down according to the needs of your application. Supported targets are the Texas Instruments Floating Point DSPs TMS320C3x,C4x, Motorola 68xxx, i960 and MIL STD1750. Tartan development systems support Ada95 and consist of a highly optimizing compiler, linker, Ada runtimes, debugger and various tools. Tartans optimization skills combined with your programming skills will take full advantage of target specific capabilities and create the fast and efficient code needed in your realtime application.

  • contact: G S E Gesellschaft fuer Software-Engineering mbH, Riesstrasse 17, D-80992 Muenchen, Tel + 49 / 89 / 14 009 265, Fax + 49 / 89 / 14 009 140,email

  • IONA & OIS
    Exhibited Item: ORBIX

    Orbix is a full and complete implementation of the Object Management Group's (OMG'S) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). Orbix is the market leading implementation of CORBA, enabling programmers to develop distributed applications based on object-oriented client/server technology. These applications can be created from new or existing components combined to form new and more powerful software systems.

    Orbix/Ada supports rapid development of highly-efficient, distributed object-oriented applications that follow a transparent and straightforward, standards-based model. The Orbix/Ada implementation employs Ada 95, the first internationally standardised, fully object-oriented programming language. Ada 95 retains the original inherent integrity of the Ada 83 standard while meeting the sophisticated and complex requirements for modern software engineering programs. Ada 95 is the first ISO standard approved object oriented programming language. Fully interoperable with Orbix/C++, Orbix/Ada delivers the robust power of Ada 95 object-oriented programming. Cross language and platform integration are some of the major benefits of CORBA and Orbix. Programmers can now create complex systems by mixing Ada, SmallTalk, Java and C++ objects running across multiple platforms. Orbix provides for transparent, efficient, and standardized communications between the components, which act as a single application.

    Through the co-operative efforts of IONA and OIS (Objective Interface Systems), an American corporation with development expertise in and commitment to Ada, the world-wide Ada community can now take advantage of new, strategic, open-systems, object technology. Complex programs no longer need rely on expensive, proprietary solutions. Orbix/Ada opens the door to using Ada for large-scale banking, telecommunications, and engineering applications. Orbix/Ada makes building information systems manageable.

  • Rational
  • Rational Apex
    Rational Apex(R) Ada is an integrated environment for designing, developing, and maintaining complex Ada 95 and Ada 83 applications. Available on each of the leading UNIX-based open-systems platforms, Rational Apex Ada cuts the costs, reduces the risks, and improves the quality of your projects. Rational Apex Ada is a fundamental component of Rational's comprehensive software-engineering solution, comprising modern software practices, integrated software-development tools, and professional services. The complete Rational solution gives you control of your software-development efforts and sharpens your competitive edge.

    For more information, look at :

  • VADS
    Rational's VADS(R) product line is an extensive family of mature, production-quality, optimizing Ada compilers, cross-compilers, and related tools to help you debug, understand, tune, and deliver your code. VADS is available for most popular host platforms and embedded-system targets. All VADS compilers are built from a common code base, so they offer a common user interface and common functionality.

    For more information, look at :

  • Rational TestMate
    TestMate (TM) is a comprehensive set of tools that automate the development, management, performance, and evaluation of functional and structural software tests. TestMate reduces the cost of your software development, testing, and maintenance and improves the quality of your software. TestMate operates on leading open-systems platforms in conjunction with Rational Apex (R), Rational's integrated, interactive, team-oriented, Ada software-engineering environment.

    For more information, look at :

  • SoDA
    SoDA automates the production of software documentation, substantially reducing the effort required to produce software documentation. SoDA makes your software documentation more useful by improving its quality, consistency, and accessibility in all phases of the software-development lifecycle. SoDA can be customized to support any documentation standard. It can extract data from a variety of software-engineering tools. SoDA works with tools supporting any programming language.

    For more information, look at :

  • Ada Analyzer/Ada Repair
    For more information, look at :

  • Prospect Exhibitors

  • Addison-Wesley
  • AJPO
  • Cadre Technologies
  • Competence Center Informatik GmbH
  • CRI
  • DDC-I
  • Mark V
  • Prentice-Hall
  • SGI
  • Springer Verlag
  • ...
  • If your company, or a company that you would like to meet at Ada-Europe'96 , does not figure in this list, and you want to be present at Ada-Europe'96 , please contact the exhibition organizer

    Exhibition Location

    The exhibition will take place in the Montreux Palace Hotel in Room Léman A during the Conference from Tuesday to Thursday. It will be opened Tuesday morning in the first coffee break and be closed Thursday afternoon.

    Coffee breaks

    Coffee breaks will be held in the exhibit room.

    Vendor presentations

    Each vendor has the possibility for one presentation of 15 min. duration about a topic of his choice. Please contact the exhibition organizer to submit the presentation title.


    In order to be admitted to the exhibition an application by the vendor has to be filled out and signed and the fee transferred in full amount to the bank account of the Ada Europe Conference. Credit card (VISA and Mastercard) is accepted.

    Exhibition material

    Exhibition material may be shipped to the Montreux Palace Hotel, where it will be stored until Exhibition opening. Please indicate clearly the Conference on your shipment papers. In case of doubt, call the Hotel:

    Mrs Elisabeth Mittendorfer
    Montreux Palace Hotel
    Tel.: +41 (21) 962 1212
    Fax: 41 (21) 962 1717

    Vendor Exhibition Application Form

    Please send your application to the exhibition organizer
    Dr. Peter E. Obermayer
    Competence Center Informatik GmbH
    Lohberg 10
    D-49716 Meppen
    Tel. : +49 (5931) 805 469
    Fax : +49 (5931) 805 100

    Exhibit Application Form

    Organization name:
    Contact person:


    We wish to exhibit a
    Tool____ Technique____ Environment____ Product____ Book/Journal_____
    Name of item(s) exhibited:

    Description of item(s), software engineering problem(s) they address:

    Contribution of item(s) to solving the problem:

    Amount of space for exhibition booth requested, equipment provided and price (please mark your choice):
    [ ] 9 square meter exhibition space
    with one table and two chairs 5000 CHF
    [ ] 12 square meter exhibition space
    with two tables and four chairs 6250 CHF
    [ ] 15 square meter exhibition space
    with three tables and six chairs 7500 CHF

    o Cheque in CHF (Swiss Francs) drawn on a Swiss bank is attached
    o Bank transfer to Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, CH-1820 Montreux, Switzerland - Clearing 767.222
    Account : Ada-Europe'96 No 909'29.13. Kindly ensure that your name and your company are clearly indicated.
    o Credit card : o American Express o Eurocard/Mastercard o Visa
    Card No : __________________ valid through : ___________

    Title of Vendor's Presentation:
    Presentor: ______________________________________________

    Date: ___________________ Signature: ___________________________

    Your comments/suggestions to the maintainer.